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I Thought Love Was Just
A Mirage Of The Mind,
It's An Illusion, It's Fake,
Impossible To Find.
But The Day I Met You,
I Began To See, That Love Is
Real, And Exists In Me.
Happy Valentine Day!
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कितनी आसानी से कह दिया
की बस अब तुम मुझे भूल जाओ,
साफ साफ लफ्जो मे कह दिया होता,
की बहुत जी लिये अब तुम
मर जाओ...

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If its taking all ur strength…
if its killing your heart…
if its making you bear too much pain…
its making you ignore everything else…
make sure its worth it…

Let it go…

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Every Person Around you is
Going to Hurt U at Some Point of Time..
But its upto U to Decide What is Important..
THE Pain or THE Person..!

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jhana chahanchau jau malai chodi,
kaach le baneko yo hridayelai todi,
jaba-jaba baag ma kokil geet gaune cha,
mero yaad le timilai har pal sataune cha |

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Ek dil mere dil ko jakhm de gaya,
zindagi bhar jeene ki kasam de gaya,
lakho phoolon me se ek phool chuna hmne,
jo kaanto se gehri chubhan de gaya.

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