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i looked at a sweet, beautiful rose,
& then i looked at you,
& i kept looking at you,
for the rose is not as beautiful & sweet as you.

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Nice Thoughts SMS

We learn something from
everyone who passes
through our lives.. Some
lessons are painful, some are
painless.. but, all are priceless

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Jise hadd se jyada pyaar karo, Woh pyaar ki kadar nahi karta. Pyaar ki kadar unse jaano jinhe koi pyaar nahi karta

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Meaningful message for life: Sea is never large, but sight of our viewing is larger!! No one’s Love is lesser but our expectations r higher!

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Ek Choti Si Baat Jise Bahut Kam Log Samjhte Hai Aasu Tab Nahi Aate, Jab Aap Kisi Ko Kho Dete Ho, Aasu To Tab Aate Hai Jab Aap Khud Ko Kho Kar Bhi Kisi Ko Pa Nahi Sakte.!

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तिमी क्षमतावान र निस्ठावान
व्यक्तीलाई कती रुचाउछौ
त्यो तिम्रो कुरा हो
तर फैसला गर्नको लागि संसारको प्रमुखनै म हु भन्ने नसोच
तिम्रो रुचाइको कसैले कदर गर्नेछैन !

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