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Valentine Day SMS

Kiss Me and Hold me tight,
Kiss Me and Look in My eye’s,
Kiss Me and teach me how to do it,
Kiss Me to make me in Love with you.
I Love you Forever.

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No Matter who are looking us,
No Matter where we are,
No Matter What time it is,
Just Kiss Me and Show your love
No Matter for you only, I Love you Sweart heart.

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Loving is not an art,
that you need to learn
just fell in love with someone
and rest of the job is done.

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A kiss on lips is Romantic
A kiss on cheeks is sweet
kisses to you on Valentine
kiss me back to greet

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If Being in Love is a blessing, then thanks for making me blessed.

I Think I am in love Because Whenever I see you happy, I feel happy

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aayo aayo dipaawali aayo sathama katti khushiyaali aayo
dhum maChao, ramaailo gara, mauz gara, timiharu sabailaai deepawali ko dherai shubhakamana
happy deepawali 2014
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man bhari maya timro.
Mutu bhari dhadkan
timi tadha huda mero
kina bad6a tadpan
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