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Happy Holy SMS

I wish a very Happy Holi to my parents, my bon, uncle, auntie, my near and dear
friends, and all my students. Days end, but memories will be there in everybody's

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Happy Holi !!
Enjoy every colour of Holi and u will get every happiness u desire.
Hey, God is always with u. Enjoy every moment. Keep smiling.

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I'm feeling lonely without you.
I wish I could celebrate this Holi with you.
Happy Holi and enjoy yourself!
Miss U.

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To all my colleagues
Holi ki Shubh Kaamnaein.
Bhaiyon aur beheno,
Holi ke rango mein khoob rangna aur
khushiyan manana.

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Feeling lonely without u.
I wish I could celebrate this holi with you.
Happy Holi.
Enjoy yourself.
Miss u.

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Daddy, I Love You
For All That You Do.
I'll Kiss You And Hug You
Cause You Love Me, Too.
You Feed Me And Need Me
To Teach You To Play,
So Smile Cause I Love You
On This Father's Day.
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Abhi Hasata Hai Pyaar,
Kabhi Rulata Hai Pyaar,
Har Pal Ki Yaad Dilata
Hai Yeh Pyaar,
Chaho Ya Na Chaho,
Par Aapke Hone Ka Ehsaas
Dilata Hai Yeh Pyaar
Happy Valentine's Day!
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